This is a letter to Santa Claus asking him for toys and money for his family.  But, this is no ordinary letter to St. Nick. 

On Thursday, December 10th, Karla Stanford saw something strange caught on a fence in a pasture between Wells and Forest, Texas in Southern Cherokee County.  Upon closer inspection, she discovered a star-shaped balloon with a dew-soaked letter hanging from a string attached to the balloon.  What she and her friends and family read next captured their hearts.

The letter, written in English and Spanish, was from a child named Homero, and it was his plea to Santa for gifts for himself and siblings as well as money for his family.  The letter asks Santa for Legos, Pokemon, Star Wars backpack, books, and a money amount with lots of zeroes for his parents.

As of this writing, no one has any idea where this balloon originated nor who Homero is.  The note looks relatively fresh and the winds have been mostly from the South as of late.  Is this child from Angelina County or somewhere farther away?

The goal right now is to find out where this balloon came from and try to contact Homero to let him know that the good folks of East Texas will make sure that Santa gets his letter.  Numerous offers of gifts and money have already been coming in, but the key now is finding this kid.  It would be wonderful if Santa were able to provide a great Christmas for Homero and his family, and perhaps, the overflow of other gifts could go to the less fortunate in honor of Homero.

If you have any information, please call me at 936-674-6139 or simply message me in the comment section.

Thanks and God Bless!