While most people may automatically think of a specific romantic relationship when listening to Selena Gomez's single "Same Old Love," she maintains that the track is more complex than addressing just one type of love, and she aimed to make that clear in its music video.

In a segment with VEVO, Selena explained the meaning behind the video, saying, "The concept was to take the meaning of, not just one same old love, but different types of love that you may share. Whether it’s a relationship, a father/daughter, a mother and a son, newly honeymoon stage couples, it just kind of describes the cycle of what love can be."

Shot over the course of two nights in downtown Los Angeles, the music video depicts different types of relationships as seen by an outsider (aka Selena).

She continued, “[Director Michael Haussman] knew how important it was for me to translate emotion and make the video cinematic and not just a beautiful piece where I could be dancing around. It tells a story, it’s fluid and he completely followed through with that.”

Finally, if you’re wondering about the complexities behind that last shot, after she makes it to the theater and performs for fans, Selena explains that, too. She says, "The end of the song is supposed to represent all of these emotions I felt because I’m experience life, I’m seeing things and then what do I put it into? You can kind of see my frustration then you see the passion I have, what keeps me motivated is real life, what inspires me is real life. And it leads me to being where I am today which is doing what I love being with the people I love and my fans.”

Watch Selena explain the concept behind the “Same Old Love” video above.

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