A good commercial jingle is one that gets stuck in your head and makes you sing it at random moments.  You're doing laundry or taking a shower, or doing some other mundane task, and the next thing you know you're singing the jingle!  EVERYONE knows it.

A group of four students in East Texas came just short of winning a national contest, but may have accomplished the creation of one of those "ear worms."SFA students Josh Birdsong and three of his friends were recently national runners up in a national contest to come up with a new, revamped version of the Folgers coffee jingle.  "The best part of wakin' up, is Folgers in your cup..."

A press release from Folgers says the contest ran from January 22 through March 6th, and featured entries from hundreds of musicians from across the US, each with a unique spin.  The ten finalists were posted on the Folgers website and a nationwide vote helped decide the winner.  The winner was Sawyer Fry of Carthage, North Carolina.  Fry and his friends won the $25,000 grand prize.  Four Stephen F Austin students led by Josh Birdsong, won the $500 runner up prize.  In addition to Birdsong, Nathan Wackett of Crandall, Cody Morris of Arlington, and Thaddeus Franklin of Dallas were part of that national runner-up group.

See the videos and here the jingles of all the finalists HERE.

Congrats guys!