Shania Twain's stalker John Palumbo, a former doctor, is now a free man. Yesterday he was sentenced to three years probation. He's not allowed to come within a half kilometer of her. He's also not allowed to contact her or communicate with her, plus he has been ordered to continue counseling.

The Vancouver Sun reports that Dr. Helen Ward testified about his state of mind. “[He has] an inflated sense of self-worth. It’s an ingrained pattern that Mr. Palumbo doesn’t have control over,” she said. “This is how he’s wired to deal with the world.”

Let's hope this probation works, because he broke his restraining order earlier this year by attending the Juno Awards in Toronto while Shania was being inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame. Not only that he also sent her love letters and showed up uninvited to her grandmother's funeral and her home in Ontario!

Shania our fingers are crossed you won't have to worry about this guy anymore!