The people of Joplin, Missouri are still rebuilding their lives and town after a devastating EF-5 tornado swept through their town on May 22nd. Now Sheryl Crow is getting in on raising money to help the victims rebuild their city. She announced yesterday that she would auction off her 1959 Mercedes-Benz 190SL Roadster and donate the proceeds to help rebuild the schools that were damaged or completely destroyed.

As a former school teacher, Sheryl hopes the car brings in $500,000 but if it only brings $100,000 she'd be ok with that. She was recently in neighboring Springfield, MO for a concert and said in an interview that,

We wanted to figure out a way to create some funds that were immediate, and I looked around me and I thought about the Mercedes because I love the car and have such great memories, but I don't drive the car anymore." (

Sheryl had owned the car for about 6 years and loved driving the convertible through drive-thru's or to Sonic or Dairy Queen she says in the video. When I heard her say that I thought - how cool would it be if I were the drive-thru worker serving Sheryl Crow her food!