Going to the grocery store is a chore! I usually end up going when I'm hungry, which is the worst time to go because I end up buying a ton of things I don't really need! Now if I had a shopping cart like this one, maybe the receipt at the checkout wouldn't show a ton of extras! Plus, I wouldn't get lost in the store either because it apparently knows exactly where everything is.

After watching the demo, it looks like there are still a few bugs to work out though. One being, the cart doesn't actually follow him around like he says! Another is, I think they'll have to move the scanner from the bottom of the cart, because where do you put your groceries once the small amount of space runs out at the bottom of the cart?

Nice idea and I can definitely see this coming to grocery stores here in East Texas in the next few years, but they've gotta work out the kinks or there will be a lot of carts crashing into each other down the aisles!