How would you like to own a town? You can for the price of a house! Welcome to Buford, Wyoming. This town is 10 acres and has a gas station, an old school house and a 3-bedroom home. Oh yeah, population is 1. That's right, I said one. Don Sammons is retiring from the gas station and wants to relocate. He's lived in Buford for twenty years. You'll have a ton of "me" time in the smallest town in America with starting bid at $100,000.

Buford will be auctioned at noon April 5 online at Auction Network.
Oh, and this little town has got some very cool history to it! According to

Built in 1866 as a fort to protect workers building a railroad, the town once boasted 2,000 residents. But the population plunged when the railroad bypassed the town.

In 1869, U.S. President Ulysses S. Grant visited Buford. And outlaw Butch Cassidy robbed a store there in the 1880s. He paid for his crime with a stint at the territorial prison 23 miles west at Laramie, the town’s website reports.

Residents opened a post office there in 1880. Customers still use its boxes, and the town has retained its zip code.

Last year The Today Show did a story on the town. Check out the rest of the story below.