It's a matter of demand.

If there are only a dozen or so people ordering certain customized license plates in Texas, it doesn't justify the cost to keep them going. Which ones are in jeopardy?

I don't know about you, but I've never had a customized license plate.  I always let the state decide what my license plate looks like, but then inevitably driving down the road I see several customized ones that look great and I think, "next time."  There are some pretty creative ones out there, and many of them benefit school districts and other causes.

KHOU says even big school Districts like Dallas might not be able to keep the specialty plates going because of low demand.  They also say 55 specialty designs, including the Fort Worth Zoo, the Fort Worth Cats baseball team, Texas Motor Speedway, NASCAR, and Dr. Pepper could be discontinued this year.  Sometimes only 30 to 40 plates are sold, and other times only 6 or 8.

Military plates and vanity plates will continue, so you'll be able to keep the license plate that says "LIMO" on that Pinto of yours.

Do you think it's a lack of awareness about what plates are available?  Maybe that comes into play.