Growing up, my mom did all the housework and my dad was in charge of the yard.  What about your family?  It turns out, more and more men are handling the bulk of the inside chores.

Researchers looked at whether switching into a job that is predominated by the opposite gender influenced the way housework is divided in couples.  And it was!  Guys with jobs that have predominantly been female, like teaching jobs and nursing, spent more time doing housework compared to when they held traditionally male jobs.  Hmm.  Marry a teacher ladies!

The same thing was true for women.  When women switched into a female-dominated job, they tended to spend more hours doing housework than they used to.

Two things to take away:  gender influences the amount of housework we do, and so does occupation.

Here's a novel idea.  If you see a mess at the house, clean it up; and if laundry needs to be done, start a load.  Then the bickering will cease and we'll all live happily ever after.