He did it!!! Felix Baumgartner.

Yesterday, Austrian Felix Baumgartner did it! He accomplished what most thought he wouldn't. He skydived from the edge of space to earth at super sonic speed in Roswell, New Mexico. Felix broke a lot of records!

He broke the record of the highest jump back in 1960 of falling at 102,000 feet. Felix fell from  128,100 feet above the Earth! Baumgartner, 43, broke the record to be the first man to free fall at 833.9 mph. Breaking the sound barrier!  The free fall took less than 4 and half minutes, but what a ride!

The Red Bull Stratos website showed the jump live. Over 8 million people watched the live feed yesterday and I was one of them. I can not begin to tell you how amazed I was watching this! He also broke the record being in the highest manned balloon flight at a height of over 24 miles!

Below is a video of the highlights. Mission control had said they were worried if he went into a spin during the fall he would pass out. He did go into a spin but was able to stabilize himself pretty quickly. The only record he didn't break was his time in a free fall. He had to pull the cord on his parachute early because of the spin he went into at about 4 minutes and 22 seconds into the jump instead of the planned  over 6 minutes.


via Felix Baumgartner breaks the sound barrier during skydive from a record 24 miles up.