Are you tired of carrying that entire bottle of sriracha around? Well you should have waited before you spent a small fortune on that custom made leather sriracha holster!

Because now there's SRIRACHA TO GO!

You can now get little packets of Huy Fong Sriracha, in the same style of condiment packaging as ketchup, mayo, and ... uh ... the yellow one.

It will run you about $15 for a shipment of 50 packets, and $35 for 200. A bottle of the stuff will only cost you about three bucks at Walmart, and you won't have to share your private stock, so it's up to you how you want to proceed with your hot sauce lovin' self!

I'm a big fan of sriracha and how it can make anything taste better. Like when you put it on wings

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Or sushi ...

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Or even ...

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Okay, well it can't fix EVERYTHING, but if you want to buy some little packets of sriracha, you can do so by clicking this link.