A portion of Drake's staying power can be attributed to the universal relatability of his music, and the emotions, feelings and sentiments he's able to capture in a single line or phrase. Take "Started From the Bottom" for example, a song that was first released on Feb. 6 2013 but was used in a new episode of The Simpsons on Sunday night (Feb. 21).

Titled "Gal of Constant Sorrow," the episode sees Bart take a homeless woman in, allowing her to live in his closet. When she offers to pay rent of $1 a day, Bart exclaims, "Yes. I’m a slum lord!" as Drake's anthemic hit begins playing. The newfound cash stream allows Bart to live lavishly, which means shopping sprees at the $.98 cent store, favorable lunch lady treatment and consuming frozen yogurt in excessive, albeit impressive, styles and amounts.

The montage's effectiveness is dependent on Drizzy's rags to riches hit, a symbolic single that connotes its meaning with so much as a single word. As fans on both side of the border await Drake's next album, Views From the 6, due out in April, it's hard to escape the fact that he's yet to release a similarly trademark lead single. While "Hotline Bling" undoubtedly dominated air waves and year end lists in 2015, it doesn't quite have the album association that "Started" long did. Ever the strategist, it will be interesting to see how Drake moves in the coming months, as "Summer Sixteen" was neither the catchy single nor the street banger he might have been hoping for. Watch The Simpsons clip above.

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