Poor Steven Tyler! The rocker and American Idol judge took a fall yesterday, not on stage but in the shower. Aerosmith is on tour and was scheduled to perform in Paraguay last night.

Instead, according to Reuters and Yahoo news:

Steven received stitches and had emergency dental work done during a nearly four-hour stay at the La Costa medical center in Paraguay's capital, according to a hospital statement. He was in good condition when discharged.

The 63-year-old frontman reportedly suffered cuts to his face and lost two of his teeth after falling in his hotel bathroom.

The concert was postponed til tonight. I know all of us have sung in the shower at one time or another, just wondering if Steven was practicing some of his stage moves in the shower too?

At least no broken bones, like the fall he took a couple of years ago, when he fell of the stage and broke his shoulder.

Get better soon Steven!

via Aerosmith's Tyler falls, Paraguay concert delayed - Yahoo! News.