This morning I was in my closet deciding what to wear to work. I put an outfit together, then came the decision of what shoes and accessories to wear. It's my normal morning routine and I enjoy it. So, I get to work and see this new research and I just laugh!

Girls get ready, because this new research says that women who feel threatened by images of females in the media own more shoes and handbags but avoid trousers.

The research comes from Canterbury University and Alberta University in Canada.

It goes on to say that shoes and handbags are more appealing to insecure women because they increase physical attractiveness without drawing attention to their figure.

These "insecure" women also shy away from accessories because that would draw attention to themselves.

Hey researchers! Ever think that maybe women love shoes and handbags because we love fashion or the fact that it's an easy way to update our wardrobes? Plus, with shoes we never have worry about a "fat" day, they always fit!

Women need a lot of shoes to go with different outfits. Unlike men who can get away with one brown pair and one black pair. As for handbags, even though I stick to one handbag for eons, I do have quite a few for different occasions.

Women that shy away from accessories? Did you ever think that maybe those women just don't care for accessories or maybe they're just not sure how to wear them? I don't think that equals insecurity. Oh, and avoiding trousers? Maybe, just maybe that means they like dresses and they know what works with their figure!

O.K., now that my rant is over, I might need a little shopping therapy. Yep, you guessed it! I think I need a new pair of shoes! :)


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