Facebook: to friend or unfriend. If you've been unfriended chances are (like in reallife) it's because of something you said or umm...posted.

A new study from Nielsen surveyed about 2,000 adults to learn why Facebook users friend and unfriend.

More than half said “offensive comments,” for dropping a friend and 41 percent said it was because they didn’t know the person well.

Other reasons that will get you dropped by a friend are: depressing comments, lack of interaction and political comments. Makes sense to me, it's what we do in everyday life. We stay away from people that are offensive to us and we are closer to people that make us laugh, feel good about ourselves and have things in common. So, why should Facebook be different?

Personally, I haven't "unfriended" someone. I love our listeners and consider them my friends along with my "real life" friends and family. If by chance, someone writes something offensive on my wall I'll delete it and message them to rephrase what they are saying. I have friends with kids on Facebook not to mention my nieces and nephews. My rule of thumb? If you shouldn't say it in front of your mom than you shouldn't post it on Facebook!

Check out the details below. Why have you "unfriended" someone on Facebook?

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