Oh, this could be dangerous at 10pm when you get a craving for Taco Bell and you don't feel like leaving the house because you're half-dressed and trying to finish the last thirty minutes of a Will Ferrell movie.  Taco Bell might soon deliver that Chalupa right to your door.  

Taco Bell is testing a delivery service that will allow you to order straight through the app, and there's no minimum order or increase in the menu prices when you do it.  But they do add a $3.99 flat fee later.  The only Texas market being tested right now is Dallas, and if it works they'll expand it.

USA Today says it took about 38 minutes to get the order when it was put to the test, so it may be faster to drive to the Taco Bell on South 1st and pick up the grub yourself. But not as convenient!  There is that.

What would we do without are smart phones!  The possibilities are endless.  If only it would beam the taco right through the screen.  Maybe that will be next.