We all know you can teach a dog a lot of tricks, but this dog can play the piano. Well, let me rephrase that, she can play piano better than me.

From looking at the video it looks more like an organ and I really can't play that. The great thing is, this dog, Sadie, jumps up and turns the piano on then starts playing. I love how she looks back at her owner for approval. Priceless. Just Priceless.

Something also great about Sadie is she that she was rescue from an animal shelter. There are so many dogs and cats that need a loving home. If you are looking at getting a pet, please think about going to the animal shelter first.

Pets are good for your health, too. According to theanimalrescuesite.com:

Several studies have shown that people who have pets exhibit a lower risk of a heart disease. This is because pet owners often have lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels, which all lead to the lower risk of heart attack.

The act of simply petting a dog or cat can cause physical changes in your body that make you feel less stressed and anxious. It can actually increase the levels of “feel good” hormones, such as serotonin and prolactin.

Pets are often suggested for those battling depression and other mental illnesses, because not only are animals a supplier of unconditional love, they also give the person taking care of them a sense of purpose, which helps them manage and improve their condition. The companionship that animals provide to a person in need is crucial in their recovery and wellbeing. Because of their numerous benefits, animals are often used in various forms of therapy.