When you think of Halloween, what things come to mind?

I think of costumes, haunted houses, and of course - candy!

Taste of Home has shared some wonderful ideas and recipes on their website, dedicated to the 'sweetest' holiday of the year. Check out the Halloween treats below and try them out this weekend!

Top 10 Halloween Recipes

Here are some of Taste of Home's favorite cute Halloween recipes! These top-rated spooky recipes are sure to scare up plenty of fun at Halloween parties!

Halloween Drinks

Brew up some scary fun with these Halloween drinks—from hot cocoa and cider to spooky punch recipes. These are fun to make for the family, or for your guests if you're hosting a Halloween party this year.

Recipes Using Leftover Halloween Candy

Here are some great desserts you can try - using all of the extra candy that's tempting you around the house.

What kind of treats do you usually prepare on Halloween? Let us know below!