Barbie has gone through some changes over the years, but she has always been a fashionista with fun clothes and shoes. She's also a career girl with cool cars and houses.

Now Barbie has some parents raising their eye brows.

The latest Barbie, Tokidoki Barbie, dons tattoos on her neck, chest and shoulders! The people that have a problem with Barbie giving little girls a bad body image are going to have a heyday with this one!


Mattel has gone on record as saying that the doll is not intended for children but adult Barbie collectors.

The Tokidoki Barbie retails for $50 and is so popular it's already on back-order. Kat Von D move over, there's a new tat chick in town! Wonder if Jessie James has asked her out yet? :)

What do you think about this Barbie? Would you buy this one for your daughter?

via Tattooed Barbie causing controversy among parents - Pop2it - Zap2it.