We've said it before and we'll say it again-- hell hath no fury like a Taylor Swift scorned. The ACM Awards were kind of a rough night for T. Swizzle who was none too happy that her ex John Mayer was also in attendance.

According to a source, when Taylor learned that Mayer would be taking the stage first, she was ticked off and insisted her performance with Tim McGraw and Keith Urban precede John's. The insider said, "John just being there irked her." Here's our advice to the '22' songstress, perhaps calling out the name of your ex-boyfriend in song (see: 'Dear John') will make your inevitable encounters with them markedly less awkward.

However, even though award show producers cowed to Swift's demands, another insider said Taylor was not a happy camper because she didn't win any of the five awards she was nominated for. Don't worry, Taylor, you can practice your surprised face at the billions of other award shows you'll appear at from now until eternity. Plus, she's won like a bajillion awards now. Let someone else have a chance! Being a good loser is as important as being a humbled winner.

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