Taylor Swift bases most of her life and her lyrics around fairy tales (see 'Love Story,' 'White Horse' and, most obviously, 'Today Was a Fairy Tale'), so we bet she jumped at the chance to portray Rapunzel for Disney Parks -- and we bet Disney's thrilled with the outcome. She looks amazing!

In a behind-the-scenes video, Swift looks like a living doll. Perched on a set that looks like the window to her tower, she rocks the longest blond extensions we've ever seen -- and her hair has more of a faint strawberry note to it than the one-tone blonde she's been rocking recently. Also gone are her bangs in favor of cascading waves.

Famed photographer Annie Leibovitz show the scenes, telling Swift, "You look so real! That prince better come soon ... he's coming!" (We bet she says that to herself all the time!) An ideal pick for this partick tale, Swift nails the look of longing that the princess embodies. She even gets to hold a lyre in some scenes, the "once upon a time" era's answer to her trademark guitar.

Of course, Swift loved every minute of the shoot, telling Leibovitz, "That was so fun. Seriously. Amazing!"

Another superstar-turned-fairy tale come to live? Queen Bey herself, Beyonce, as Alice. Cute! Check out more movie stars as Disney heros and heroines at ScreenCrush.

Disney Parks
Disney Parks