Being a kid these days is tough, but it's really tough if your a fourth grader in Southern Idaho if you don't met your reading requirement! A teacher is possibly in hot water after trying to motivate her students to read.

The teacher set a goal for her students to read a certain number of books by November 5. The reward? Allowing the students to write on the faces of the kids that failed with red and green permanent markers! Six kids out of the 21 students didn't reach their reading goal.

LeRoy Robinson, who has two grandchildren who had their faces marked for failing to meet the goals, said the punishment was bullying. The children had their faces marked in the morning, and were told to leave it on all day but to wash it off before they went home, Robinson said.

“Other kids were asking them about it and laughing at them,” he said.

Robinson’s wife, Karla Robinson, said the ink was hard to wash away and most kids couldn’t get it off their faces, leaving them embarrassed — especially when they had to ride the bus home with junior high and high school students.

Some parents were supportive, however. Karla Christensen, whose daughter met Larsen’s reading goals, said the teacher was just trying to motivate students.

What do you think of this? Bullying or just a "creative" way to motivate the students?

via Southern Idaho teacher had fourth-grade students draw on faces of peers who failed reading - The Washington Post.