Angelina Beautiful/Clean is doing its part to make sure kids have school supplies as they head back to class. And in this case it doesn’t go directly to students, but instead it’s a stockpile of supplies for teachers.

Teachers have been known to spend their own money on supplies for the classroom since they can’t always rely on other funding sources in the age of cutbacks. Can you imagine spending your own money on paper and printers at the office just so you can get your work done? Teachers are awesome in so many ways.

Here’s how to help.

Bigger items like furniture are needed, and smaller items like glue and sticky notes too.

If you have anything at the office that’s not used anymore and is still in good shape, the Teachers’ Warehouse welcomes it.

Teachers are able to browse through the warehouse and collect what they need for their classrooms. It’s free to them, and it keeps some bulky office items out of the landfill.

School starts August 27th. Now is a great time to donate.