Bullying is a big problem for kids today. I think more so then we were kids because of social networking. Think about it. Back in our day, we came across bullies at school, but then we went our safe haven - Home. Today, kids can still go home but face bullying 24/7 through text messaging and facebook.
So, it's ironic that the movie "Bully", a documentary film about the epidemic of bullying in schools received a "R" rating, so the very people that need to see it, won't be able to!

Enter Katy Butler, a high school student from Michigan. She has started a petition online to change the rating to a PG-13.
The film follows kids and their families over the course of a year. The film is scheduled for release in select theaters on March 30. It was originally planned to be shown in high schools across the country but thanks to the rating, that won't happen.

Butler said she endured brutal bullying when she was in middle school and believes that changing the rating of the movie would mean more kids would have a chance to see the film and possibly change bullying behavior.

The Motion Picture Association of America reportedly gave the movie an R rating because of rough language.

You want to sign the petition? Give 'Bully" a PG-13 rating instead of an R

Check out the official trailer

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