I have to admit, I didn’t try the delicacy that is Frito pie until I moved to Texas. Growing up in Nebraska we sometimes mixed chili, cheese, and saltine crackers together, but the genius of replacing the Saltines with Fritos just didn’t occur to us.

Texans are onto something! Frito Pie is delicious, and who cares how fattening.

We Texans broke a Guiness World Record on Monday with a Frito Pie that weighed over a thousand pounds. Some states might be ashamed, but in Texas its a badge we wear proudly. We just may need a Tums to go with our badge.

With the East Texas Fair behind us, it might be worth our while to head to the Texas State Fair in Dallas. That’s where this wild record was broken yesterday.

The 1100-pound Frito pie made of chili, shredded cheese and Fritos was dumped into a giant trough at the State Fair, to make the world’s largest Frito Chili Pie.

That should be enough to make it into the Guiness Book of World Records, but the Guiness people will have to verify it. All that pie fed five thousand people.

This is the 80th anniversary of Fritos, by the way. Those snappy little corn chips were born in 1932 in San Antonio when Elmer Doolin bought a corn chip recipe from a local businessman. Fox 4 in Dallas says his mother is credited with creating the Fritos Pie recipe for gradeschool lunches.

Kinda makes a gal want to head to the vending machine at work. If only we had some chili and cheese to go with it.