The rankings came out this week showing which states are the healthiest, and Texas is on the lower third of the list.

But we're healthier than most of the South!

Texas ranks between 31 and 40 of the 50 states for health, in terms of smoking and obesity rates, along with other health markers.  Hawaii is the healthiest.  That's a great excuse to pay them a visit and lie on the beach!  It's healthy for us.

Mississippi is the least healthy state, and our neighbors in Louisiana are ranked in the bottom five.  Louisiana is the 49th healthiest in the US, and our neighbors in Oklahoma are ranked #46.

The data will be used to influence public policy and create programs that target public health.

It's the weekend now, and our thoughts are on pizza, chicken wings, and perhaps a frothy beverage or two while lying on the couch watching sports and movie marathons. We'll get back to the exercise on Monday.

Have a great weekend!