It all started with the idea nearly 4 days ago to have a garage sale. My wife and I along with a lot of help from the in-laws priced our way through a bunch of unwanted stuff, setting up the garage sale, worked day 1 and here came day 2!

Oh, the garage salers were prepared just as they were yesterday! Starting at 7a they were already at the door waiting to buy our unwanted, outgrown, discarded things. Today seemed a bit calmer though because a ton of the big stuff was already gone!

Oh the day went on and I kept asking, "When are we shutting it down?!!" Because I knew once we shut it down I had to pack up all the left overs and had a choice to make -- keep it for another garage sale or take it to Good Will.

The time came and we were done. We decided to keep the kid stuff (toys/clothes) that didn't sell because we can always sell them during another sale and the rest went to Good Will. Good Will benefitted from some great stuff that I no longer wanted and I benefitted with a tax receipt!

It was finally over, our big garage sale of 2011! We made a decent profit. It was worth the 4 days put into it, but by the end I was tired and said I wouldn't be doing it again for another year or so!