So the thought of having a garage sale had finally become a reality. The preparation, the pricing, the planning, the online ad placed - all complete. It was the day of the big sale, or in our case we had a couple of days!

The day started early, because garage sale goers have done their homework and scanned the online ads and are ready to buy my unwanted stuff at the crack of dawn.

On this day we had to be prepared for a lot of price haggling because no matter what it is or what the price was the buyer wanted it for cheaper - even if it was priced at 25 cents! Now I thought my unwanted stuff was reasonably priced but I guess they thought I'm wanting to get rid of it so they thought I would take less for it since I was wanting to get rid of it. Now sometimes that worked and others it didn't. See sometimes you just have to stick to the sticker price, car salesman don't come off their prices so why should I and I'm not even pushing an extended warranty on ya either!

Oh the day was long, people came and went, stuff was being sold, money was being made and we were getting tired because we knew we had to go through another day of it because our garage sales are never 1 day, they're always two!

Coming up tomorrow, The Rewards. My 3rd and final part of my garage sale anatomy series!