This is the funniest little video!! I found it a couple of nights ago and I keep playing it! Over and over again!

I love squirrels! They are so cute! Yeah, I know some people hunt them for food or sport, but I'm not going there! Others say, squirrels are just rats with a furry tail. Nope! They're precious and rats? When they get a furry tail...We'll talk.

This one reminds me of the squirrel I've been putting food out for in our backyard. I'm hoping my backyard squirrel thinks I'm his favorite person in the neighborhood too!

I love how this little guy stands up and moves a little closer to the camera. Looks as though he is saying "Yes, Really, really, really, really thank you!"

I showed this to the girl that cuts my hair. She laughed and laughed! Then, she proceeded to tell me she was going home to make Cajun Squirrel! Ooh, Nooo! :0

Happy thoughts ...happy thoughts...I must think of happy thoughts! ;)