A local group of Ghostbusters fans and enthusiasts are trying for the shot a major prop piece to add to their collection, and could use your help.

They call themselves the East Texas Ghostbusters, and they are scattered throughout the Piney Woods. Some are in Rusk and Lufkin, but they have major plans on coming together for several great causes right here in our own backyard.

The East Texas Ghostbusters Logo full with imagery of the Texas flag and Pine Trees

Recently, the ETXGB group found an old white 1980 Cadillac hearse that they are trying to obtain for future charity events, special appearances, and fundraising occasions. Sponsors are also welcome to contact the East Texas Ghostbusters to have their logo placed on the vehicle as well. If you would like to donate, (Any amount helps) click this link to navigate to the GoFundMe page set up to help reach their goal.

With the reboot coming out later this year, a new animated movie, and the ever growing fan base of the original movies, the popularity of Ghostbusters will most likely sky rocket in the next few months.

Helping this group get their Ecto-1 Ghostbusters mobile would allow us to get in on the ghost bustin' action at home! Once they have the vehicle, East Texas will have our very own Ghostbuster team available for appearances at events to help raise awareness for local causes and fundraisers.

The East Texas Ghostbusters have an open invitation to other 'Ghostbusters' fans, and encourage everyone to join the team and share tips on how you too can bust bad spirits in your neck of the woods.