This hilarious video of a small table-bound robot just surfaced on YouTube recently, and we think everyone should see this.

There have been a lot of advancements in robotics, but I think the first robot I eventually get won't be one that is supposed to try to feed me.

Simone Giertz via YouTube

Sort of reminds us of this video that we're sure everyone has seen by now, which also works as a pretty good advertisement for these chips.

Mattessons Fridge Raiders via YouTube

Here's a video description of Simone's problems when putting this robotic arm to the test. Brief NSFW language is used in the following video.

Simone Giertz via YouTube

Where can we get our own robot arm, and what exactly should we make it do? Our current camera man at the radio station doesn't have a very steady hand, so maybe we can replace him. Better yet, tell us what you would do with a robot arm, but remember to keep it PG, folks!