It's a role that William Shatner has been playing for the past 5 years, but has been a spokesperson for for 14 years and now it appears as if he's killed off in the latest commercial for the online travel booking site.

Shatner's character appears to be killed once he rescues a bus load of tourists as it teeters off the side of a bridge. In what appears to be his last heoric act, the Priceline Negotiator hands his iPhone off to a lady so she can save money on her hotel and travel and then he says his last line,

Save money."

It may be more than a marketing ploy when it comes to killing off the Priceline Negotiator, Shatner tells AP News,

I'm in grief mode,"

and references the death of his Star Trek alter-ego Captain Kirk by saying,

it's not the first time I've had an iconic character die off." (ABC News Radio)

Hopefully it's not the end of the Priceline Negotiator, because I thought the character was pretty funny. What or who are some of your favorite TV commercial pitch people or characters?