When you work at a radio station, you tend to come across random things in the building. Old pieces of equipment, personal belongings, things that we really have no earthly idea of what they are and/or how they got there, etc.

So, as I was walking through the station, the thought came into my head that perhaps I should document these items. You can see some of them below.



  • Plasma Ball

    Yes, it is a plasma ball. It seems to be in working order. I suppose it's here for aesthetic purposes.

  • The Bottomless Box of Keys

    As I looked more, I came across this (unlocked) lock-box of keys! What do these keys go to? No idea...

  • The Record Player

    Yes, I did come across an actual, functioning record player!

  • The Record...For the Record Player

    And yes, the functioning record player came complete with Ted Nugent vinyl!

  • The KFox Tail

    I think this one speaks for itself...

  • Ummmm...

    Yeah, not quite sure what this is...which is why it made the list!