Ever had one of those nights when you sit in bed, staring at the ceiling, wanting to drift off but  counting sheep isn't doing the trick? Then download Napuru's Relax Dream, the app that helps you get those good night Zs you crave.

Created by iGrez LLC, Napuru's Relax Dream app plays relaxing sounds that lull the listener to sleep. With sounds that are natural and do not loop, you can turn it on, put on your headphones, and let it soothe you into dreamland.


  • A 24-hour timer
  • It's free
  • Relaxing, serene wallpaper
  • An automatic slide show
  • It will play even if you put your device to sleep
  • Napuru also makes the "Relax and Sleep" App which has their complete sound collection and over 15 hours of sound. For $0.99, it's not a break-the-bank upgrade.
  • The app is now available on the iPad as well


  • The app can crash unexpectedly
  • The wave sound transitions can be a little abrupt


If you have insomnia and drinking a glass of warm milk is just not working, why not try this app? It's free and the sounds are pretty.

The Relax Dream App is available for iPhone and iPad. For more information on the app, and how to download, click here.