Remember your good old friend the VCR?  Are you still using it or is it collecting dust in a closet somewhere? A recent poll says more that half of us just can't let it go.The poll from Gallop showed that 58% of Americans still have their VCR. Of course it's the older Americans that are clinging to them. Actually, people 65 and over! Okay, maybe I'm just an old soul?

The younger generation is saying out with the old and in with the new. So much so that they don't really don't even care about DVD players! Yep, they have totally embraced streaming their favorite movies or t.v. shows.

Hey, we still have our VCR! Ummm, but we actually tried to use it over the summer and it's broken! I have a VCR/DVD combo but that's only used to convert some of the VHS tapes to DVD. How 'bout you?