You remember, you were all excited to go Trick or Treating! You start making the rounds, house to house. Ring the door bell and scream "Trick or Treat!

A nice lady, says "Oh, my aren't you scary! Here you go a nice treat for you." You see the candy and think, "Yuck! I don't like that candy." Your night is almost ruined! Until, you get to the next house.

I lived next to an Orthodontist. Oh, imagine my surprise when one year he handed out toothbrushes and toothpaste! Well, at least they let me pick out the color I wanted!

What was the worst candy to get at Halloween when you were a kid? Did you get something other than candy?

Speaking of candy, check out the video below! This guy got 23 pounds of candy trick or treating last year! Twenty Three POUNDS! Wow!