Ever wonder what the worst song of the '90 were?  Rolling Stone did the work for you and asked their readers to name them. ‘Barbie Girl', by Aqua, took first place.

Also on the list ‘Macarena’ by Los Del Rio. Remember the dance?  ‘Achy Breaky Heart,’ by Billy Ray Cyrus and Right Said Fred's 'I'm Too Sexy" made the list too.

Here is their top ten list and the video to jog your memory, if you can stand it! Actually, I still like a few of these songs, remember I said only a few! Do you agree with the list? What songs do you think are missing from the list?



1. ‘Barbie Girl’ – Aqua

I still love this song!

2. ‘Macarena’ – Los Del Rio

Never was crazy about this one, but I remember doing the Macarena. Luckily I don't remember steps!

3.’Achy Breaky Heart’ – Billy Ray Cyrus

I still say "Yuck"!

4. ‘Ice Ice Baby’ – Vanilla Ice

I'm on the fence on this one. Call it a love-hate relationship with this song.

5. ‘Tubthumping’ – Chumbawumba

I LOVE this song! How can this one be on the list?

6. ‘MmmBop’ – Hanson

Another "Yuck" from me!

7. ‘My Heart Will Go On’ – Celine Dion

Remember this one giving you goose bumps? Not so much anymore.

8. ‘Who Lets the Dogs Out?’ – Baha Men

Yep, I can see why this one is on the list!

9. ‘I’m Too Sexy’ – Right Said Fred

This one is still just to fun to listen to.

10. ‘What’s Up?’ – 4 Non Blondes

I still like this one!

[via Rolling Stone]