Oh my goodness!  We're heard stories this week about the floods, especially in Central Texas, and this amazing video from one family is going viral. It shows what it looked like the moment flood waters burst through the doors at their home in Wimberly as the Blanco River overflowed earlier this week. They're helpless, and at the mercy of a whole lot of water that isn't normally there.

The family was upstairs, and after the initial rush of water subsides, you can hear someone in the background say, "We're okay.  We're okay."  As the woman taking the video fights back tears.  Wow.

We've had tornadoes in Van, severe thunderstorms in much of East Texas, and floods in Wimberly, Austin, and Houston.  Here's hoping for a really quiet, boring weekend weather-wise, but the chance of thunderstorms is there.  Anyone else ready for a really hot and dry July?  The mosquitos are.