Sometimes a hero comes along that serves as a symbol of righteousness. That symbol is Lt. Clay Higgins of the St. Landry police department.

Lt. Higgins' crime stoppers videos have gone viral and have even been featured on the Tonight Show. Check out his latest Crimestoppers video here.

KATC via YouTube

I like watching this "Cajun John Wayne" so much, I hope he continues to make videos warning criminals not to try anything even if the crimes stop in his region. I'd like to think that accomplices of these crimes actually are so moved by his stern message that they turn themselves in, but the world will never be that perfect.

Here's another video uploaded by KATC via YouTube ... For that, we thank them.

So what's next for Lt. Clay Higgins? Would you like to see a major motion picture made fictionalizing his career, or maybe just a comic book series?