It's one of my families' favorite shows, for the past few summers we've gotten into watching and following along with America's Got Talent on NBC. The show is in the middle of the audition phase and there have been some great talent displayed and some very laughable auditions too! Last night the show was in Austin and there was one particular audition that was pretty touching and had just about everyone in the audience in tears.

Timothy Poe, from San Antonio, came out on stage with his brown hat and guitar hoping to impress the judges. In his brief interview he revealed he was in the military and was injured by a grenade while serving in Afghanistan. His injury left him with brain damage that affects his speech and as a result stutters. However, when he sings, his disability disappears.

Howie Mandell had this to say after the performance,

everything about you is amazing. You, sir, are a phenomenal talent.”

As you can imagine, he gets three nods and is headed to Las Vegas. When he was talking to Nick Cannon back stage about going to Vegas, he did not stutter one time and Nick points that out to him and he was genuinely surprised that he didn't.

Check out his performance - you might need some Kleenex around after watching it.