How do you like your steak? Rare, medium or well done? If you're grilling steaks this weekend here is a little help to get that steak perfect. Just poke your face. What? 

Somebody came up with this idea and it's actually kind of cool. According to the website Food 52:

If you'd like your steak medium-rare, it should feel like your cheek: tender and soft but still fleshy (as opposed to raw, which would be just soft).


If you want a medium steak, touch your chin: The steak should still be tender, but with some resistance.


For a medium-well steak, it should feel like your forehead: fleshy but with a good deal of resistance.


But if ya don't really want to be poking your face with your finger in front of family and friends, then check out the video below. This video will let you know if your steak is rare, medium rare, medium, medium well or well done. And that is without cutting into the steak, without using a thermometer or the embarrassment of poking yourself in the face!