We scoured Yelp to find the funniest Yelp reviews for businesses in Lufkin and Nacogdoches. Keep in mind, WE are not saying anything bad about these businesses ... We're only making fun of the people that wrote these reviews.

Not many people in Lufkin and Nacogdoches use Yelp to get an idea of where to eat, but the people that do use Yelp, might actually just be trolling our favorite businesses. It's also the lack of reviews that really make it an unreliable resource in the area.  We found the negative reviews to be the most comical. Here are the best of the worst we could find.

1. Taco Bell  - The guy that wrote this review must have done a few to many weeds (lol) before Liv Mas. Some choice words have been blacked out since we ARE in the bible belt, but you can use your imagination.

2. Walmart - Seems like Captain Obvious has never been to a Walmart before.  What's the return policy on this lady? The kidnapping part rides that line of "too serious to be funny," and "what the heck, at least she was left unharmed?"


3. Jimmy Johns - What did you expect at a sandwich shop? This reviewer didn't know, but apparently they were expecting some unicorns, sprinkles, and explosions. This negative review only reminds me that my homemade sandwiches AREN'T as good as Jimmy Johns, and only makes me want to give them a call.


4. Buffalo Wild Wings - When you eat outside, you can't be picky about the animal kingdom coming to visit. Your are outside. I am sure the server was just kidding about the mice, but you can't get upset about a cat being outside.


So there you have it ... culled from the pages of Yelp, some of the area's "finest" yelp reviewers. Granted, we did find some great review's for lots of places around here, but it was a lot more interesting to dig deep and find these literary gems. Have you seen a funny or interesting Yelp! or Trip Advisor review.  Tell us about it in the comments below!