Forbes Magazine is great at giving us lists about celebrities and how much money they've made and their latest list features the contestants and winners from American Idol! Get the run down of the biggest earners after the jump.

Carrie Underwood comes in first place by earning $20 million in the last year. A lot of that came from touring because she played 80 dates within the last year.

There is a tie at 2nd place - this honor goes to both Adam Lambert and Chris Daughtry. They each earned $6 million last year mainly due to touring as well.

Fantasia comes in 4th on the list with total earnings of $4 million.

Placing in the top 5 finally is Jordin Sparks with $3 million.

Now you're asking yourself why isn't Kelly Clarkson on the list and why isn't she in the top 5. That is because she earned $2.5 million in the last year but that's because she didn't release a new album and toured very little last year. Hopefully that's all about to change for her because she has a new song coming at the end of August or early September with her 5th album to follow later this fall.

Who has been your most favorite American Idol alum so far?