It's hard to believe that YouTube has been around for 10 years. A new Google study shows that we love 'How To' videos. In fact, the study shows that these videos are 70 percent more popular this year than last year. Not only that but 67 percent of young people say that they can learn anything from the "How To" videos.

The top 10 "How To" searches according to YouTube Trends blog are:

1. how to kiss

2. how to tie a tie

3. how to draw

4. how to get a six pack in 3 minutes

5. how to make a starburst bracelet rainbow loom

6. how to make a cake

7. how to curl your hair with a straightener

8. how to make a bow

9. how to make a paper airplane

10. how to dance

I must admit I've learned a few things from those videos, too. Including No. 7 on the list, which is how to curl your hair with a hair straightener. I've also learned about pool care, folding dinner napkins into cool shapes and I'm sure a ton of other things. What have you learned to do from YouTube  videos?

Media Post reports that we spend a ton of hours on these videos:

People are turning toward video to discover how to do many things such as make a chocolate layer cake with whipped cream and strawberries, cut the hair of a soft coated wheaten terrier, or put air in the tires of a car. In fact, more than 100 million hours of how-to content have been watched in North America so far this year.