The new album from Train is called California 37 and will be in stores April 17th and the band released the video for the first single, "Drive By" (which is sitting at 12 on the Billboard Adult Pop Songs chart) yesterday.

Before shooting began, Pat put out a tweet that they were looking for classic muscle cars to appear in the video and they had a huge response! The video features lead singer Pat Monahan jumping into a 1967 Pontiac Firebird driving through San Francisco thinking about a girl he met as a tour guide working in wine country. He's doing this because we see him waking up next to her after spending the night together and leaving before she wakes, which he realizes is a mistake. Many of those muscle cars are following him back to the winery to find that girl.

Using the winery as a backdrop for the video is a great tie in to Train's other business, selling wine! Train recently released their 3rd bottle of wine. Proceeds from their wine sales goes to a San Francisco charity.

Watch Train's "Drive By" video below