While Train was on the road this past summer with Maroon 5, Pat Monahan was busy writing new music for his band. By the time the tour was over he had over half of the songs written for it and they hit the studio shortly after the tour wrapped up. In a recent interview with the Rolling Stone, Pat says Train will be releasing a new song around January 5th.

The new single is going to be called "Drive By". When asked by the Rolling Stone what the album is going to sound like and when it's going to be out, Pat says,

"There's a lot of eclectic stuff. There's a couple of country songs. Some pop songs. We're getting more rock on this record than the last record."

Look for the new album to be available early April.

As far as the rest of his life is going - Pat and his wife welcomed a baby boy about a month ago and he plans on being in a couple of TV shows too! He's got roles lined up for The Wedding Band on TBS and another appearance scheduled on CBS's Hawaii Five-0.

In addition to all of that, the band plans on releasing a 3rd signature wine too.

Train's next scheduled TV appearance is coming up January 4th, when they'll be playing the Orange Bowl.