One thing that really gets under my skin is when I'm watching TV and I have to constantly adjust the volume when the commercials come on. They are WAY TOO LOUD! (Hey, that's me yelling at you like the TV!) Well that is about to change thanks to the FCC.

The FCC passed the CALM rule this week. Commerical Advertisment Loudness Mitigation will force programmers to keep the volume consistent between commercials and regular programming. The new rule goes into effect December 13, 2012. So it looks like I'll be battling the TV with my remote for about a year and then after that everything should be good!

According to Broadcasting Cable, the responsibility to assure the public that the commercials are at a constant level is spread out accordingly.

"The FCC will make cable operators responsible for the volume of both national and local ads, as well as promos, while TV stations will also be responsible for the national network and syndicated ads, as well as promos and local ads, both on broadcast and on the signals they deliver to cable operators. That means if a cable operator delivers a TV station ad that violates the act, it is the broadcaster who is responsible."

So I can forsee a blame game happening and it will be up to us (the public) to file complaints with the local TV station or our cable provider. Hopefully though most will comply accordingly.

California state representative Anna Eshoo says this about the ruling:

"The law I wrote is simple -- the volume of television commercials cannot be louder than regular programming. Households across the country will soon get the relief they deserve from the annoyance of blaringly loud television commercials."

What do you think about this new rule from the FCC - will it be upheld and we can listen to TV at one constant level?