We've all seen those antique shows where someone brings an item in and they find out the thing is worth a ton of money. Last week in the U.K. a woman was going through her deceased father's things and had an auctioneer come to the house to see what the family had in the house.

Turns out, they had an antique chest that her father bought for a T.V. stand and bar. Her father bought it in the 1970's for about $150. Well, that old T.V stand turned out to be a very old chest worth almost 10 million dollars!


it was made in 1640 and had belonged to France’s chief minister Cardinal Jules Mazarin, then British poet William Beckford and several top collectors including Welsh colliery owner Sir Clifford Cory.

The unnamed owner — an engineer living in London’s South Kensington — bought the 5ft chest in 1970 from a Polish doctor.

He took it with him when he retired to France’s Loire Valley, and died never knowing its value.


She told the auctioneer ‘It is Daddy’s bar’. She told him she and her brother used to hide inside when they were children.
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via Treasure chest: TV stand sells for £6.3 million | The Sun |News.