Girl Scout cookie season won't be here for a while, but start working out now because come spring of 2017 new cookies will debut.

I have a feeling these new cookies are going to be very and I mean very popular. Both flavors are based on S'mores. Oh, be still my heart and my waistline.

They will be making two different versions and will be available in select markets. Let's hope they will be available here. The first one will be a graham cracker cookie dipped in icing and covered in chocolate. The other one will be two graham cookies with filling of chocolate and marshmallow. Can you say Yum?

My favorite Girl Scout cookies are the Thin Mints but I just might have to buy extra boxes next year and you guessed it...some of those boxes will be the s'mores flavor.

You can find out more about Girl Scout Cookies and about the Girl Scouts of San Jacinto Council that serves our area.