Trouble paying for college?  Some women are turning to rich men for help.  And a Texas school is number one on the Sugar Daddy list.  

A couple of months ago I mentioned that Atlanta, Georgia was the sugar daddy capitol of the US in terms of the number of wealthy men that are eligible bachelors.  But a Texas college tops the list for the number of wealthy men helping female students through school.

A website called works on matching students with benefactors who will help pay for school.  And in fact, more than four hundred students from the University of Texas in Austin signed up for the services last year - more than any other school - and the University of Houston made the list at number 42.

As you can imagine, there's all sorts of talk about whether this is right or wrong.  Some compare it to prostitution, and others think it beats student loans as a way to pay for college.  What do you think?